AR15 Parts, 80% Receivers and Accessories by The Buffalo Ventura,

Looking for the best USA made parts for your AR15? Contact The Buffalo today and order top quality USA made AR-15 parts, accessories, AR9 80% in both Glock and Colt pattern high end 7.62×39 upper receiver groups and more! Our top selling upper receiver groups are 100% free from defect and run flawlessly right out of the box. We also proudly have the most reliable 7.62 x 39 upper on the market. Need more? Check out our other top sellers including our popular 80% lowers, Act Now! Order from The Buffalo before April 30th 2021 and take advantage of our current sale and savings. We are shipping orders 24/7  LEAD TIMES 4-6 WEEKS IN LESS STATED ON THE PRODUCT.  Due to the extreme volume of orders being placed daily. Please be patient Thank you in Advance. Email for all order questions as we may not be able to get to your phone calls right away Thanks in Advance.We DO NOT SHIP to CT NY NJ HI