The Buffalo Est 2012 A.D. Home of some of the best 80% products on the market

 We have always set out to deliver a high quality product that is always machined to precision and made in America. Being a father and son team it made it easy to see our vision and bring the customer a product that they can rely on years down the line.  If you’re looking for complete URG we have plenty of options from 5.56, 300BLK, 7.62×39, .308 and 9mm. We also have plenty of 80% options 5.56 forgings and billet options. We also have 3 AR9 80% lowers the Colt slim and the Glock flared and the only 80% Glock lower with last round bolt hold open. Looking for 80% 1911 look no further as we have the best frames on the market. We also have the P80 Glock frames and the new Glock Store 80% G43


The Buffalo


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