1911 80% Build Kit The Buffalo

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1911 80% Build Kit The Buffalo

This kit contains all parts needed to finish your 80% 1911. 

This is a not an FFL item. This is not a complete frame and still requires additional machining to be done.

4 Operations left to be completed are

  • Decking the top
  • hammer hole
  • sear pin holes
  • Slide rails
  • Beavertail safety fitting (personal preference)
  •  Forged 80% 1911 Frame 
  • SS 416r slide ready to install. .
  • Firing pin hole is .095 will not work on 9mm and up
  • Stainless 416r match grade barrel. 
  • Match barrel bushing ss
  • Internal extractor ss
  • Skeletonized trigger ss
  • Beavertail safety ss
  • Mainspring housing ss
  • All fire control parts ss
  • Spring kit
  • Pin kit ss
  • Kit does not come with sights or a magazine.You will still need a Jig to complete this 

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1911 80 Build Kit

Build Your own 1911 with our 1911 80 Build Kit

Looking for a top quality USA made 1911 80% build kit for your next 1911? Look no further! This handy 1911 build kit contains all the critical 1911 parts needed to finish your 80% 1911 in style. The additional requirements left for machining to be done include only 4 minor operations. All you need to finish the build would be to either acquire or complete: Decking the top, hammer hole, sear pin holes, Slide rails, Beavertail safety fitting (personal preference), 80% 1911 Frame, Forged , SS 416r slide ready to install.

Firing pin hole is .095 will not work on 9mm and up, Stainless 416r match grade barrel, Match barrel bushing ss, Internal extractor ss, Skeletonized trigger ss, Beavertail safety ss, Mainspring housing ss, All fire control parts ss, Spring kit, Pin kit ss. Please also note that the 1911 Kit does not come with sights or a magazine. You will simply still need a Jig to complete this 1911 build kit.
80 1911 builder kit

3 reviews for 1911 80% Build Kit The Buffalo

  1. Carl

    I purchased this kit on a whim after acquiring the Phantom Jig and decided to cut the rails by hand. After some many hours I was able to do just that and I am extremely happy with the result! I have worked with and checked out about every frame available and found the Maverick has done it right. Rails are symmetrical unlike the others I have seen and the backstrap/mag wall is not thin like the others. Like all aftermarket frames it is oversize slightly to accommodate hand fitting. I trimmed .015 off the top and .005 off the sides and was close enough to start filing to fit. This is not a cheap thrown together kit with a bunch of cheap guts. It is ready to do the demon tweak and build the weapon of your dreams surpassing the quality of weapons cost 3-4 times more if you take your time. I am anxiously awaiting their introduction of 9mm or S&W 40 cal I heard about recently and maybe even see if we can do a long slide. I am done searching for the best kit on the market now!

  2. V.

    Craftsmanship…. these parts are very well made. You can tell they took great pride in machine work. Could not be happier. I put them up with 1911 buildings all day. Maybe even better quality. Thanx Anthony!

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