ELF AR-9 Match Trigger

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Product Description

  • Fits any mil-spec AR Platform
  • Absolutely Drop-Safe regardless of pull-weight
  •  Factory set Pull-weight is approximately 50% lighter than that of a standard AR platform trigger, providing a great combination of speed and accuracy
  • Adjustable from 4lbs to 2 3/4lbs without removing from lower
  •  Full power hammer spring ensures proper ignition of primer
  • Very short pull and reset allows for rapid follow up shots and greater accuracy
  •  Sturdy trigger assembly designed for rugged, trouble-free use; Made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel
  • Unique design of disconnect allows full 1/4” width eliminating possibility of wear and double-firing
  • High performance trigger and hammer sealed bearings for smoother and faster firing
  • Unique features include captured disconnector eliminating any possible double fires and anti trigger-slap geometry greatly enhancing live fire.
  •  100% made in America with a Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Please use the order note for straight or curved


ELF AR-9 Match Trigger

The ELF AR-9 Drop-In Match Trigger has been built for performance.
Specifically developed for 9mm and .45 PCC platforms, after tens of thousands
of rounds of testing in all platforms, the boss has decided this is the best
trigger we have ever produced and does it all in every AR platform.
It has a u-shaped captured disconnector that forces a positive hold on the
hammer and also has a “pad” that matches up to an extension on the hammer. The
pad is directly in line with the rear trigger pin so when the
hammer is stopped by those matching surfaces it effectively eliminates trigger
slap from the hammer hitting the disconnector and greatly enhances the feel
of the trigger during live fire.
All our performance series triggers utilize aerospace grade sealed bearings,
making for an incredibly smooth and fast trigger pull. Pull weight is so easy to
adjust it can be done in seconds without removing the trigger from your lower
receiver. A second-to-none drop-in trigger system that is strong and light,
made of wire EDM machined, hardened A2 tool steel and lightweight aircraft
grade aluminum. Installation can be done in minutes using your AR’s original
hammer and trigger pins. The match trigger may be ordered with a curved or straight shoe.

The amazingly short take-up, glass-rod crisp break and next to zero over
travel can be compared to the finest custom 1911 triggers. Adjustability puts
you in charge based on your current use. If you are looking for the finest
adjustable trigger for your AR-9 / AR-45 platform, this is the trigger system for you.


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