TB-9 80% 9MM Glock Mag Billet Lower

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The TB-9 Billet lower receiver is precision machined in-house from hi-grade 7075 billet master plate to milspec standards making it compatible with most milspec 9mm uppers. Features a broached mag well and milspec 8625 type III, class 2 hard anodized. All that is left to do is machine the fire control pocket, for the trigger group and drill a few holes. Once complete you will have a fully functional TB-15 type lower.

The TB-9 accepts Glock OEM and after market Glock style magazines. The magazine catch is included and is machined from aluminum billet and hard coat anodized. The ejector is included and is secured with 2 set screws. The bolt catch hole is threaded and and screw for installation is included.

  • This is not a completed receiver and still requires machining to be done in order to have an operational firearm.
  • NO FFL is required for purchase, item can be shipped directly to your home. We DO NOT SHIP to CT NY NJ HI
  • As determined by the firearms technology branch of the ATF, this lower receiver is not classified as a “firearm” as defined by the GCA of 1968.

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4 reviews for TB-9 80% 9MM Glock Mag Billet Lower

  1. SnoGun Guy

    Ordered this 80% after looking extensively on the internet and talking to the owner via phone. Transaction went smooth, just a little slow due to a family member’s recent surgery, so understandable. I used a Tactical Machining jig that I modded for this 9mm 80%er. Only a little bit of machining on both sides was necessary to clear the mag catch pivot area and the cosmetic re-enforcing by the front pivot/take down pin. Very easy and simple, still leaves the jig intact for use with standard 556 lowers. Be sure to remove the mag catch BEFORE using the jig otherwise you will crush things that you dont want to crush. Finish on this lower is deep black and on the shiny side. It looked so nice, i didn’t want to machine it! I old schooled it on a knee mill with dial readouts and some calipers. I coated the inside of the fire control group pocket with oven cure Teflon-moly. Turned out looking good, although in retrospect, I should have masked off the lower, blasted the inside pocket, then used the Teflon-moly… maybe next time. Aluma-Hyde, Cerakoat, or similar finish makes the inside look like a factory job and protects from some corrosion. The SS ejector is solid and easily adjusted. Mag catch is about a millimeter too sloppy IMO, but still works great and is made of aluminum, not plastic like others. Magwell is flared a lot, very nice for speedy reloads. I tried and used factory Glock, Magpul and two different Korean mags in this lower, 17 and 33rds. Only one that didn’t drop free was the Khan brand. Ejector needed to be slightly adjusted for my mags and upper, but it is made for that, so no big deal there. Overall this is a very good quality 9mm billet lower receiver, I am pleased with the fit, function and appearance. I would buy this again without hesitation.

  2. 9mmKeith

    Great product great price excellent customer service The Buffalo for the win!

  3. WIbuddy (verified owner)

    Great quality lower. 1st glock mag lowers I had done but wasn’t for me. Buddy came over and milled it on my milling machine and I helped him assemble. He’s so happy with the end result that he said he wants to do a few more and wants to get a jig to do them at his place so he doesn’t have to drive out here.
    Did take a little longer to get, but that was expected. Everything is taking longer to get right now, or it’s out of stock.

  4. Bryan Newman (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and Anthony is phenomenal. Only place I get my lowers from.
    Product- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Customer Service- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  • Uses Colt magazines
  • Features last round bolt hold open
  • Made from 7075-T6 forging and machined to mil-spec
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AR15 80% 9mm Dedicated Billet Lower Glock Mag W/ Kit
AR15 80% 9mm Dedicated Billet Lower Glock Mag W/ Kit
These are 80% Gun Point Custom Glock 9mm Billet lower receivers. The Buffalo has an exclusive on this lower.  These are a dedicated 9mm Billet design that comes with all the features in the top of the line Gun Point model but in an 80% configuration. These lowers have all the key features you would expect from a high end manufacturer. NO ROLL PINS!! The roll pin has been replaced with a set screw to eliminate the need of beating on the lower receiver. The rear take down pin detent spring is also held in with a set screw making it easier for you to change buffer tubes. The receiver tension set screw effectively eliminates any unwanted “slop” between upper and lower receivers for superior accuracy. No FFL required. As determined by the firearms technology branch of the ATF, this lower receiver is not classified as a “firearm” as defined by the GCA of 1968. We have the ability ship to your door because 80% lowers are not considered firearms by the ATF. Lead time: May very depending on volume of orders at the time placed
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  • Matte black hard-coat anodized per Mil 8625 Type 3 Class 2
  • Compatible with all standard AR-15 components and most aftermarket parts — Machined pocket to accomodate Magpul BAD Lever
  • The ONLY Non Reciprocating Side Charger on the market to accept ANY standard MILSPEC BCG — Just change out cam pin with the modified cam pin we provide
  • Adjustable tension slide lock on charging handle
  • Rear dust cover trap door that seals shut when mated with lower
  • Manufactured to MILSPEC on state of the art CNC equipment for consistent quality parts and exacting tolerances
  • Save money by building your own AR-15 rifle from the ground up exactly the way you want it configured
  • Designed to match lines with New Frontier Armory C-4 Billet Lower and most forged AR-15 Lowers
  • Ejection port cut to eject large calibers up to .458 SOCOM shells
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